Off the Cuff: Your Questions Answered – #1

What does it mean when a guy hangs out with you all night but doesn’t make a move?
– Jane in NYC

I don’t normally give advice to women, but I’ll help you out.

I’m also assuming you guys have hung out before, and he didn’t make moves those times either, mostly because I feel like you wouldn’t be asking after a first date. I wouldn’t necessarily make a move that quickly, because a woman might be crazy. At the same time, I wouldn’t hang out with you all night if it was a first date. I’d probably have two or three more dates right after ours – places to be, honey!

He’s either:

  1. Interested in you, but being weird about it.
  2. Not interested.

Now let me ask YOU a question. Do you like men with either of those qualities? I wouldn’t if I were you.

Knowing is half the battle!

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