Off the Cuff – Your Questions Answered – #2

So I am actually doing my physics homework, but I was thinking: given that I have to stay up later doing physics homework, I’m going to be a sleep deprived zombie tomorrow morning and thereby be less interesting to women(it also kills my latin [dance] technique).

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on whether someone can be doing too many things and not have time to meet women, or if that even poses a problem given that you’re making the legs of your table stronger.
Also, do you think in general one’s game gets weaker on no sleep or is my shit just weak?

Feel free to quote/paraphrase/utterly insult if you want to use any of this.

John in NY

You make a couple of valid points, John – lack of sleep will make you suck at things.

There’s still a lot of mystery on the exact function of sleep in human, as well as animal physiology.

What we DO have lots of data on is its effect on the body and mind – specifically when you’re not getting enough of it, or an irregular pattern of it. General consensus is that sleep issues lead to problems in all sorts of other areas in your life.

Anyway, I sense one fatal flaw in the reasoning behind your question – you implicitly make being interesting specifically to women some sort of goal, thereby making them the priority.

This is a big no-no, especially during your college days.

Yeah, yeah, it’s college and we all want to get laid. But don’t sweat it, John! People have been getting laid in college with minimal effort pretty much since coeducational institutions became a thing. Just let it flow. I’ll rarely say that, but it’ll happen as it should. Don’t start comparing yourself to other guys who may be getting more or less. The Kinsey Institute states that “Males 30-44 report an average of 6-8 female sexual partners in their lifetime.” Sure, you might argue that you don’t want to be average – but really, is being the next Casanova that high on your list of priorities?

Dating will happen, my young padawan. Sex will happen, too. Let it flow.

You should not, however, just throw your life goals to the wind and expect them to turn out the way you like. This is why you’re making the smart decision to sit at home and do physics homework. It’s a simple, every day step in the path towards either getting a job or going to grad school – I’m assuming that this is a VERY important part of your life.

Furthermore, you seem to have a passion in dance. This I can relate to. If you wanna take a tip from me, having a steady income really stabilizes your art/social life. And having dedication to such a passion is attractive – but never forget that you’re doing it for YOU.

So, back to the issue. You drew a relation between your professional and artistic aspirations, and women. What do the former have to do with the latter?

Nothing, really. You’ve just got girls on the brain. We’ve all been there.

As for your main concern – “I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on whether someone can be doing too many things and not have time to meet women” – yes, you can be too busy to meet women.

But in your case, you seem to be too busy becoming awesome.

In fact, my philosophy is that you should almost always be too busy to meet women.

That’s because meeting women will happen whether you try to or not – especially if you’re doing things with your life. You will meet them – the question is whether you’ll be interesting enough for them to stick around when you do.

Remember, you’re in college, bro. I won’t say which one, lest I give away your secret identity, but it’s a VERY good one. So, I don’t know how you might think that your activities, which are making you a cooler, more knowledgeable, full fledged independent person, are keeping you from meeting women. Not only are there tons of women in college, there are WAY more in the real world. With jobs (stripper) and interesting hobbies (stripping) to boot!

If anything, spending lots of time trying to meet women at the cost of doing your cool activities will just drive them away!

Remember, John, it’s about seeing the big picture – your love life will not end with college. In fact, if you take the right steps, it will explode outside of it, because you’ll be the one with the job, the cool hobbies, and the level head to throw yourself into new and unexperienced awesomeness. College time should be used to become the prize, my friend.

Remember, having a girlfriend/harem won’t qualify you for a job. Your studies will.

Your shit isn’t weak. You’re doin’ fine, bud. No one ever died because he wasn’t dating someone all the time.

Now you know!

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