Quick Dating Tips – 5 Things That Will Get You Laid

I bet you clicked on this link real fast, slick. You were all like “Holy shit! Vichet’s gonna get me laid!”

Finally! Lady vagina sex!

Well guess what, playa! You ain’t gettin’ laid because you’re desperate. Lose that desperation vibe, first. It screams “date-rapist” and the ladies don’t really like that.

Now, back to my bold claim. I know I  kind of just came right out of the gate with it, and after my opening sucker-punch, you may be skeptical, but stick around and we’ll see how it goes.

Here are 5 things that I think will get you laid based on my extensive experience of having had sex once or twice, nay, perhaps even three times in my life! Even if the third one says it doesn’t count because I spent most of the time crying.

For serious though, before you start reading this thinking that it’s the secret Konami code of getting into a girl’s pants (it’s not), get the following through your head:

No one is attractive to every woman all the time. Also, you might be an unattractive loser/asshole – work on that.

Now that we’ve gotten through the clerical stuff, you ready?

The list!

1) Be interesting.

There are thousands of ways you can do this. I’ve touched on it in my article about becoming attractive, my article about making drinks, and my article about fighting the Moon Monsters and winning the battle of Galagan for the forces of light.

Really it just comes down to having something you’re proud of doing/having done, that also makes you unique, or at least slightly more unique in some way. If you need to ask for a suggestion, read my above linked articles. One last thing – the things that make you interesting should mostly also be things that make you happy. Although, there is something to be said about having overcome trauma, and still managing to keep a positive outlook.

Being interesting will give you that confidence thing that everyone talks about. Women love that shit.

2) Be good at some kind of thing that you can visually show off.

Dancing. Singing. Juggling. Foreign language. Making drinks. A sport. Card tricks. Sword swallowing (ha!). There are lots of things you can get competent at if you try. Even better, these things will immediately set you apart from all the horny guys who don’t sing, dance, or juggle.

You might say “Vichet, I can’t do any of these things! I suck at life!”

Try again. I guarantee you that you’ll find something you’re good enough at.

“I’m too lazy!”

Well, brotha, in that case, I would say that getting laid is not your biggest problem – you are. On the other hand, there’s this thing that’s been around since time immemorial called “prostitution.”

Anyway, being good at something makes you more valuable. Some people even say it gives women an internal cue to be more aggressive towards you because if they don’t go for you, someone else will. It’d be nice to be the prize, wouldn’t it, fellas?

3) Be fun

I know I already said to “be interesting” up there, but this is slightly different. This is more about having a good attitude and energy about all the things you do, from every day stuff to your own personal life ambitions. Just have fun with everything. Also, it’s about adding a dash of unpredictability and excitement into what most girls see as a normally cut-and-dry social situation: being approached.

Basically, if you initiate by making a flowchart on how you want your conversation to go with a girl, it’s a boring conversation that doesn’t need to be had.

This is why I don’t use canned lines for anything more than opening.

Instead just initiate. Ask her about what interests her. Listen for a few minutes, then change the plan – invite her to DO something with you, and escalate from just talking. I mean, a good conversation is a good conversation – but is it better than dancing together? Running through the streets? Beating another pair of people in a drinking game?

Fun interACTIONS – action is right in that word, and that’s what draws people to each other.

Be fluid. Be exciting. Make the whole interaction a joyride.

This should extend to the rest of your life, too, or it will always feel like you’re forcing it. Going to the store? Do it with a smile. Sing a song. Say hello to people. Compliment them. Make a joke. Give them wedgies. Get arrested.

Okay, okay, not all of you are really that outgoing deep down or whatever. Find what pace of fun you want to be, but be fun. You don’t have to be “the funnest person in the universe” to get laid. It’s not a competition.

And, on that note, don’t take yourself or your goals so seriously – sure, do what you need to do, but do it all with a smile. I mean, if you’re not smiling before, during, or after it, why do it?

Having this energy about you makes you much more magnetic, not only to women, but to other cool, fun people. Who in turn will attract more women to you.

4) Be bold.

Alright, so you’re interesting, have some kind of talent, and you’re great to have around in a game of strip-Monopoly.

Now you need this part to pull everything else together – you have to be bold.

Boldness is about being free and independent of outcomes.

Basically, if you’re thinking of not doing something because you might not get what you want, do it anyway.

The sad thing is, most people look at risks and changes in their lives as being by-and-large negative. And that possibility of a negative outcome makes the Average Joe decide to do nothing. To Average Joe, doing nothing and maintaining the status quo is preferable to taking a personal risk in the name of anything – even happiness.

You’ve heard these self-doubting, fear based rationalizations before. Shoot, I’ve asked myself these things hundreds of thousands of times before I turned the corner. What if asking her out makes her like me less? What if she laughs at me? What if I embarrass myself?

Honestly, f*ck all that.

You don’t want to be Average Joe. At least, I hope you don’t. But, simply wanting to be exceptional is not enough. You have to take the risks and DO what you need to do.

Talk to a girl. Talk to ten girls. Talk to twenty girls. If they bite, good. If not, move on.

As a practical guide for when to move on, you’ll know that a girl rejected you when:

  • She doesn’t keep eye contact.
  • She isn’t laughing.
  • She isn’t touching you.
  • She doesn’t want you standing too close.
  • You’re the only one contributing to the conversation.

Remember this: no hard feelings about rejection, ever. That’s outcome dependence – the opposite of boldness.

No one is attractive to every woman all of the time – some girls aren’t buying what you’re selling. It’s okay, and it will happen A LOT.

But, it’s what you do after that counts – you can either sulk and go home crying foul, or you can continue being the talented, friendly, fun, and interesting guy that you need to be until a woman comes along who DOES want to buy what you’re selling.

Bottom line, you must NEVER, EVER let rejection affect your ability to go out, meet new people, start conversations, and put yourself out there.

Don’t wait for them to come to you. If they do, great. If not, it’s up to you, and TRUST me, it will be up to you 90 percent of the time unless you’re a celebrity.

5) Be sexual.

This is the icing on the “get laid” cake I baked for you. You need to be bold before you can do this. If you don’t have boldness in line, this will just fall flat and fail hilariously, adding to my blog another spectacular entry on how to not do things.

“Be sexual.” It might seem like vague advice for some of you. For others, you might be thinking I’m pulling a page from the pick-up artist’s playbook. You’d be right. Because it’s true.

Really, it just means to not be afraid of coming off as a person who is open to sex.

Too many times, I see guys who are fun, interesting, talented, and great people to know and hang out with, disqualify themselves because even though they can start the conversations, make a girl comfortable, create a fun atmosphere, and get her to laugh (a HUGE milestone), they never really give off the vibe that they’re sexually interested in the girl because they’re afraid of being creepy and scaring her away.

So instead, they go into the opposite direction and turn themselves into a walking equivalent of a very interesting house plant – very nice to look at and have around, but literally unf*ckable. Remember the friend zone? Even talented, interesting, fun guys can end up in it.

Here’s a secret, gentlemen: women by and large enjoy sex with guys they find attractive.

If you’re doing the things that I said up there, you’re already attractive. So then, be sexual. 

But how? Obviously, you don’t want to just be sexual to every girl ever without regard to whether she is also open to banging you. That’s called being creepy. Fix that.

But, this is where we can draw a fine line between being blush-worthy and creepy.

Put out feelers to test her interest. You can flirt with her.

Start small, with something like “you smell nice,” or “I like that color on you.” Is she giggling, and thanking you? Is she elaborating on what she’s wearing because she wants to keep the conversation going?


Good. Then, graduate to moving closer, into that personal space zone. If she keeps eye contact and reciprocates by touching you, even better. You’ve been sexual, and she was open to it, and now you’re in the final testing phases!

Now you can ask her what kind of panties she has on, and whether she’d like you to remove them with your teeth. Just kidding, but really. If you’ve gotten a girl to laugh, touch you, keep eye contact with you, and stay close to you, you just have to stay the course and continue escalating – the things you were being and doing to get to that point in the first place.

“But Vichet! If all I have to do is be sexual, then why do I have to bother with all the other stuff before that?”

Well, because in order for being sexual to work, a girl has to be OPEN to you being sexual with her, and she won’t be open to you if you have nothing positive going for you.

I know it might seem strange (internet sarcasm), but most women are not open to uninteresting, untalented, boring, timid little boys being sexual with them. Who’d have thunk it (more internet sarcasm)? You can be as sexual as you want, but if you have nothing good to sell, no one will buy!

In conclusion…

You have to be very good at putting yourself out there. That’s the real key. I talked about boldness up there. Be bold.

You can have a great product – but without a willingness to go out there and make the sale (being bold) and a willingness to use the product (being sexual), then you’re not getting laid.

Most guys, after one or two rejections, just can’t get over. Not only that, but a lot of girls reading this right now would probably judge the shit out of a guy if she knew he was going around and talking to tons of girls with the base motivation that he’d like to find someone to have sex with.

Well, screw that. Ladies can say “no” to you. You can’t live your life saying “no” to yourself.

The only thing I will say, fellas, is that just because you can get in a girl’s pants doesn’t mean you always should, and you should try not to be an dickhead about it.

I’m not telling you to become the Mother Teresa of boning, but there’s a difference between having fun with someone and taking advantage of someone, and if you’re taking advantage of a girl when you know that you don’t have what she wants, that’s called being a sociopath, and it won’t end well for you.

Other than that, this isn’t really rocket science, fellas. It’s a combination of becoming the coolest version of yourself, one who is able to take rejection and move on, and is also persistent with meeting new people.

Basically, a traveling salesman of awesome sex. Be that.

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