Table Theory 2012 Summer Challege for Great Justice (TT2012SCfGJ) – Week 2

Hey all,

And, we’re off! We’ve got updates from all of the crew, who have had mixed success with our goals so far. Here’s what they had to say about their challenges in week 1:

Vichet “Khmer McFly” Ou (Finish book and double readership):

First, triumphs: I have a list of search terms that lead people to my website, and I’m steadily growing in clicks organically, even though I’m writing less frequently than I used to. Furthermore, the number of readers that are coming in through search engines (rather than people I already know through Facebook) is steadily growing.

These are the seeds for when I make the server transition in the coming two weeks. After I transition to my own host, I can start optimizing my site to take advantage of my search terms and stuff.

Failures: Did not reach my weekly goal for writing. I procrastinated because an old friend was in from out of town, but really, I could have found more time to write. 20 pages per week is only hard when you have to do 14 of them on a Sunday. I came up 3 pages short that I have to make up this week. 5 bucks to the jar for me!

Big Face Underpantis (hit target weight/bodyfat and improve leg extension in dance):

Bodyfat – 150lbs @ 13% according to the scale, although my goal was 149, i still feel leaner, which is good. i kind of had 2 cheat days this week, sat. and sun. – on friday, i was 148.6 and 12.4%, so i think my “failure” this week is a result of food/water/shit still in my belly – i’m fairly confident by tomorrow morning i’ll be back down to 148ish and 12.5ish%. still though, i’m throwing $5 into the pot because i need to hit my numbers even in light of cheat days.

Extension – Been stretching a lot, and I’m at 90degrees to the side, still about 80 to front. So we’re good on this one.

Challenges – Bodyfat. Too lax. Not that I’ve had calorie surpluses, but my calorie deficits aren’t as aggressive as I had planned them to be. Things like alcohol, friends, family, graduation parties, etc. make me want to eat. This week, I stick with the plan 100%

Tweaks this coming week – No deviations from diet plan + stretch my f*ckin ass off.

DD (develop ecommerce site and write fitness book):

So I got my initial goals this week despite being on vacation. That’s where it ended. I could have continued to do more but I chose to put it aside and work on week two during week two instead of being an over achiever.

Btw i’m still on vacation. Currently in las vegas. This place is awesome!

Robert Paulson (learn Python and relearn guitar):

Had some trouble deciding what platform to do Python on. PC at home? Laptop? Work PC in spare time? Ultimately decided on the laptop, as I can work on it anywhere. It will make referencing material a little more difficult because it lacks dual screens, but frees me up from a lot of space/time constraints. I never thought choosing what platform to program on would be an issue, but I’ve never actually had options to choose what I program on before.

So I got Python installed, and so far things are smooth. I’m on track for next week.

The guitar is ready, however I’m still waiting on the headphone amp. I’m not throwing 5 bucks into the pot because USPS snailmail is out my control. I don’t need the amp to tune or to play, I just can’t hear myself so I don’t know if I sound like shit or not. Amp should be here soon, so I’m going to start working on the YYZ morse code intro as soon as it arrives.

The big winner this week is DD! Congrats, bud!

As you can see, we all met with challenges this past week. Big Face and I both failed our weekly quota for one of our goals – but we’ve both resolved to come back stronger this week.

Stay tuned!

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