Table Theory 2012 Summer Challege for Great Justice (TT2012SCfGJ) – Week 3

Hey all!


Everyone give it up for Steel, who made it into the challenge midway through week 1, but could not bring us up to speed until this week. He wants to learn Python and get the beginnings of a six pack!

Updates from the crew again – this week saw many of the same challenges and failures. We’ll see what’s what with each player’s recap!

Vichet “Khmer McFly” Ou (Finish book and double readership):

Triumph – my blog is really starting to catch. I’ve been writing articles for the last couple weeks using the key phrases that are attracting people to my site, and it’s bringing in a lot more search traffic.

When I migrate next week, I should be able to take advantage of Google’s analytics and webmaster tools even more to get more search traffic.

Added bonus – joined Reddit, and started giving advice there. People by and large like it, and Reddit now sends a good chunk of click-throughs to my site. If I can get a referral to their front-page at some point, that would basically put my blog on the map of the entire internet.

Failures – Again, I didn’t reach my writing goal. Only got 14 pages done this week, which makes my total for next week 32 pages. Ugh. I need to really buckle down. Friends visiting is not an excuse to put off my goal. 5 bucks to the jar.

If you guys could harass me during the week to get this done, that’d be fantastic. I should not be slacking like this.

Big Face Underpantis (hit target weight/bodyfat and improve leg extension in dance):

Bad week…sort of, but not really. $5 in the pot anyway. I’m up to $10! ARGH!

Body Fat. Tipped at 149 on Monday morning. 1lb over my goal, but considering I hit 147.5 that night, I’m pretty sure I’m on track. $5 anyway because I’m supposed to hit my goal in the morning. I have been more strict than the first week, but not as strict as I had hoped. Vacations tend to do that, but whatevs I’ll hit 147 on Monday.

Extensions. I’m over 90 degrees to the side with both legs, but just below 90 with my left leg front. Painful injury on left hamstring has me doubting my ability to hit my extension goals on that side, but I surpassed this weeks goals, so still good there.

Overall, happy and on track.

DD (develop ecommerce site and write fitness book):

The website wireframe is completed, but the book chapter is not…$5.

I really thought I would have more to write, but I find it a bit tough to write a lot. Also finding the time to write is difficult too. The solution would be to wake up earlier to write. I know my energy cycle, lots of energy in the morning, crash in the afternoon, lots of energy at night. Focus on writing during my two peaks an I should be good for next week. The part that blows is I am going on a road trip starting tomorrow and won’t return until Monday.

Robert Paulson (learn Python and relearn guitar):

Python is coming along just fine. First 6 parts (of the book I’m following) I breezed through. It’s easy to follow and very basic if you’ve had prior programming experience, so no issues completing this week’s goal. I expect next week to be more challenging.

YYZ on the other hand is a fucking monster. While I became comfortable with the Morse code intro early on, (it’s two notes through a weird time signature, and literally the letters Y, Y, Z, in Morse code using guitar notes, Rush is genius.) looking ahead at the remaining parts are leaving me wondering if I bit off more than I can chew. I noodled around various sections of the song and realized more than ever that in order to master a Rush song you must play until your fingers bleed. Up next is the main riff.

Steel (learn Python and form a proto-sixpack)

I’m a little too mentally exhausted coming back from work to really sit down and learn Python, but the physical activity is easy enough. $5 in the pot from me.

Really forcing myself to sit down from 8 to 9 tonight to really go through the exercises.

The big winner this week is Robert Paulson! Congrats, but keep playing YYZ! This challenge is ramping UP.

The pot is currently at:

$30 – enough for a case of beer.

Stay tuned, folks!

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