Thought of the Day

Something to think about if you find yourself alone and thinking “But the first date went so well!”

It looks like your data might not match your hypothesis…

4 Responses to Thought of the Day

  1. trippadvice says:

    I would put my money on NO. My guess is the guy probably went on a bad dinner date. Always seek adventure! That’s what I say at least.

    • itsmevichet says:

      Agreed – there’s what actually happened, and the story we tell ourselves.

      If a girl doesn’t want to go on a second date, she very likely didn’t think the first one was any good.

    • itsmevichet says:

      Thanks! Yeah, on seddit, my handle is “itsmevichet” – saw your post on 10 things you wish you’d done in college. Resonated with me. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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