Table Theory 2012 Summer Challege for Great Justice (TT2012SCfGJ) – Weeks 6, 7, 8, and Conclusion!

Hey all,

Bad news: I’ve been lazy about sending you all updates on what we’ve been up to. My consistency was bad and I should feel bad.

Good news: The bad news happened because we’ve all been too busy kicking ass and taking names with our goals!

Week by week and conclusion below:

Vichet “Khmer McFly” Ou (Finish book and double readership):

Book is 2.5-3.5 chapters from completion.

Blog readership has gone from 200 views per week to 1600 views per week (even when I’m not updating)!

Big Face Underpantis (hit target weight/bodyfat and improve leg extension in dance):

Fat – 146.4. $5. Same as last week. It’s all diet. I’m super active, just not watching what I’m putting in.

Extension – Done. At least 110 in all directions.

DD (develop ecommerce site and write fitness book):

My goals are changing since I haven’t kept up with my task. I did interview a ghostwriter so I want to say I am clear on the writing end (cheating). But I do owe $5 for the website stuff since I haven’t met the new goal I set within my own head.

Robert Paulson (learn Python and relearn guitar):

Python done. Not sure I’ll ever use it, but it was nice to learn. If I do use it, it will come in handy for a quick script that does some random thing.

I failed mastering the YYZ solo. To be honest, I’m okay with that. I can play most of the song and it got me back into the reasons why I taught myself guitar in the first place over a decade ago; to have fun, learn cool songs, impress chicks. It’s something I’ll continue to do.

Steel (learn Python and form a proto-sixpack):

Little late, but finished the HTML section of Codecademy, working on Javascript. Body feels good at 163, plateauing a bit, but still going to push it to the next level. Thanks Vichet!

The pot is currently at:

$120 – 2 cases of good beer (@ 30 each) and three fifths of mid-shelf liquor (@ 20-25 each). Who partying with us? We haven’t set a date yet.


The toughest part of this whole thing was staying motivated and on task week to week. Each of us had stumbles, and those stumbles led to more stumbles. It’s really true that when you’re on a schedule, one period of laziness or lack of follow-through can trickle down through the whole endeavor.

One thing we have all also discovered is that having two major goals not related to day-to-day life (such as working) is REALLY F*CKIN’ HARD. The good news is that each of us chose a goal to be primary, and completed that, while still making major headway into the other. We just didn’t complete the secondary in the 8 weeks – most of us are close and still working on it.

The best part of this whole Summer Challenge is that what we did here is something each of us has proven to ourselves for life. We got into it not knowing exactly how we were going to accomplish some of our goals. I mean, look at each of us. There was one goal that each of us had where we wouldn’t have any idea as to whether it’d catch on.

For me, it was doubling the readership for Table Theory. That sounds simple – “Vichet, just tell more and more people to read it!” If you’ve ever had to advertise anything, you know how hard that can be. But, I did it anyway. I looked into Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook groups, and finally Reddit, where I hit it huge. After that, my readership began growing much more organically. I get lots of referrals from Reddit when I publish something, but even on days when I don’t, I get five times as much search engine traffic as I used to, and even more people just navigating directly here.

For Robert Paulson, it was the YYZ solo. I mean, who picks up a guitar after 5 or 6 years thinking “I’m going to master the solo to YYZ?” Robert Paulson, that’s who. Never mind that there was no consideration as to whether it was even achievable – that didn’t matter. Taking the steps and finding out was the real key. He didn’t get it within the timeframe of the challenge, but he’s getting there.

How about Bigface Underpantis? 110 degree extensions in every direction – most of you would say that there’s a hard physical limit to what our bodies can do. I guess we don’t know that much about our bodies.

And the same goes for Steel with his six pack, and Deedee with his [fitness site](

Bottom line: Knowing exactly how to get to where you want to be doesn’t matter as much as you think it does – taking the steps every day, and bouncing back from setbacks, is far more important.

That’s a weird thing to say out loud, but don’t tell me you didn’t at least suspect that about everything great you’ve ever accomplished.

Until next time, people!

The TT2012SCfGJ is officially over!

2 Responses to Table Theory 2012 Summer Challege for Great Justice (TT2012SCfGJ) – Weeks 6, 7, 8, and Conclusion!

  1. bremit521 says:

    I love this!! It’s so awesome finding people who not only preach this stuff, but live it everyday, huge congrats to everyone who even attempted their goals and a double congrats to those who achieved them

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