Thought of the Day

So I talk about taking small steps every day to make yourself awesome. And most of you kinda sorta believe me. But, many of you still have doubts in the back of your head.

Deep down, you might be asking yourself, even as you’re improving, “what if I’m not good enough?”

Well, take a look at this painting of a sweet lion that blew up on the internet a few days ago:

From artist Marc Allante – see more at his Facebook page:

Pretty boss, right? Probably takes a lot of talent. Pure, crystalline talent that the average guy doesn’t have.

Well, maybe. I bet the average guy doesn’t have as much artistic talent as Marc.

But talent isn’t what got him to this point.

He put up an album. Twenty five years of honing his craft. Honing from before he even knew he wanted to do it and got serious about it.

Look at the album backwards, and you’ll see what I mean when I say you will be amazed at how far you can go from where you have been once you commit to taking the steps.

Again, check out his stuff at

Take the steps TODAY!

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