About Vichet

Vichet Ou is the author of Table Theory, and is thoroughly unqualified to give you advice about anything ranging from relationships to field surgery.

He’s also an amateur dancer, an unpublished writer, half-assed food adventurer, part-time Moon Master, and negligent gamer who has an unhealthy obsession with Pac Man and GI Joe, probably in that order.

To find out more, see a therapist, and tell him or her that you have so little going on in your life that you actually want to learn more about a know-it-all internet nerd who threw his advice in your face.

“Everything I say is words.”
– Vichet

Some vitals:

  • Philadelphia, born and raised
  • Central High School, 262
  • Cornell University, BA English, with a concentration in Shakespeare and Creative Writing
  • 5’11″… or 6’3″ in heels
  • Suffered 2 concussions before turning 4
  • Eats everything
  • Recently learned how to make his own pizza
  • Really good at classic Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    • But not as good as those cheating Koreans
  • Loves dancing
  • Loves Pac Man
    • Again, not as good as those cheating Koreans
  • Loves lamp. Who doesn’t love lamp?

This is the best photo of Vichet dancing that you will ever see.

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