Hey there, question haver! It’s that time: orientation! I remember mine. They never told me what they put in the drinks and my butt still hurts.

Just kidding. To be clear, that was a butt sex joke – not my first, and likely not my last. Were you offended? Yes? Well then leave. You’re not the audience I’m looking for.

And, once again, to be clear, I’m looking for an audience that isn’t easily offended, but not necessarily an audience that is ONLY made up of people looking for butt sex – though those looking for butt sex aren’t excluded. See the following Venn diagram:

If you’re still reading, then prepare to have your balls (or ovaries… or… other?) rocked by the handsomest Cambodian in the room. For maximum effect, imagine me shredding a guitar while shirtless, with a bandanna. Definitely on a mountain. But only maybe in the Alps. Wait, is that lightning in the background? Yes it is. That, and the corpses of a hundred slain dragons strewn about me. We have to make up animals cool enough for me to slay.

  1. Who are you?
    I’m Vichet. Look at the “About the Author” page and stop asking stupid questions.
  2. What are your qualifications?
    A computer and internet access. Also, an imaginary degree in armchair psychology.
  3. What audience are you writing for?
    This is actually a good one. I’m writing primarily for the 20-something male population, but I’ve found that the ladies also seem to take an interest in what I’m saying. I have to give a disclaimer for them, though, that my writing here will be very male-centric, and focus on the social challenges of being a guy (and sometimes also Asian) in American society.
  4. Why are you doing this?
    Because I can, and because I’ve been a regular contributor for the last two years under a pseudonym in a different online community that’s focused on teaching guys like me how to take control of their lives in any way that they can. That, and my friends said they would read this, and I haven’t soap-boxed about it in a while.
  5. Where did you learn how to write so pretty?
    Cornell University. And don’t you forget it.

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