Last night, a post I made on Reddit linking to my Dating Tropes Explained article on shit tests brought in over 5000 views, smashing through the 100,000 view milestone. Thank you again readers.

And, one more time, if you like what you see, please like Table Theory’s page on Facebook! I do this for free, and I attached my face, my name, and my life to it because I believe that I’m helping people get more out of themselves, give more of themselves, and kick ass on their way to greater relationships, romantic and otherwise.

So, in short, I don’t want your money. I’ve had opportunities to monetize with ads and such, but so far I’ve kept all that shit out because I don’t need the money.

I just want you to spread the word by liking my shit on Facebook!

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate. I’ll be getting drunk as hell after work.

… or not, because it’s a Monday, and instead I’ll work out and go to dance class.  It’s a tough life, being super cool and attractive.

Happy Birthday, Table Theory!

Hey all!

Yep, you heard right. It’s been exactly one year since Table Theory hit the internet like a storm, and then petered out for a bit, and then caught a massive second wind, and then petered out a bit again, and then leveled out to relatively popular.

We’ve had mostly ups, because I’m awesome and enjoy life.

I figured it’d be nice to share with you the Top 5 Articles of 2012:

Using my handy-dandy lack of statistical training, I feel like 2012’s readers were all guys who wanted to become attractive so that they could get the girl from Tony Stark, be an asshole, and have drinks with Dolph Lundgren.

You’ve got moxie, readers of 2012. Here’s to you!

Happy 2013, bitches!

I'm the King of the Monkeys bitch! Totally gonna bang a mermaid.... look it up.

I’m the King of the Monkeys bitch! Totally gonna bang a mermaid.
… look it up.

I’m back! And I’ve got a head full of ideas. And two hands that are full of not-motivation-to-write. Yeah. It’s been a slow start to the blog this year. I’m powering through!

Good things – we’re still growing! I predict I’ll have hit 100,000 hits within the next month!

Keep on a lookout for:

  1. My travel log from Cambodia, including new revelations and insights into meeting strangers.
  2. More differentiation between my Dating Tropes articles (longer pieces about theory/doctrine) and my QDT articles (shorter pieces with concrete step-by-step stuff).
  3. An article or two on post-breakup blues.
  4. My nuts.

You ready for 2013? Well too bad, it’s already here. Stop whining.

Table Theory has a shiny new email address!

Hey there, folks,

I created a new email address for Table Theory – table.theory.dating@gmail.com

Now you can email me your questions instead of submitting crap through Formspring, which was a horrendous decision I made in consideration of your anonymity. See what happens when you make yourself a doormat for other people?

So, I’ll still anonymize your crap if I choose to publish your question and my answer, but I’ll have your email address so I can follow up with you and crap.

Also, people have been offering me money to answer their questions. So, if you want your shit answered for free before I start to get all bougie, you best ask sooner than later.

Email me, bitches!

Not dead!

Hey folks,

First, I’m not dead. Phew. Sickness, vacation, busy busy things, and I haven’t been here, talking to you.

Anyway, lots of new exciting things coming up. Can’t wait to tell you all about them, so stay tuned. Here’s a bullet list of what I’ve got in store:

  • The conclusion of the Table Theory 2012 Summer Challenge for Great Justice
  • New articles
  • Other cool things