Quick Dating Tips – 4 Bad Habits You Learn From Video Games, And How They Affect Your Love Life

Remember my article last week about 5 Useful Things You Learn From Video Games Applied to Dating?

Well, it actually started out as a bigger, unreadably long article.

It actually seemed like a good idea at the time.

It actually seemed like a good idea at the time.

Well, in that bigger article, I also detailed 4 bad habits you learn from video games that will fuck you up for a long time if you allow them to transfer to real life, but I split it off from the main article because it was too much awesome in one place. Lucky you, I’m going to get into that right now!

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Quick Dating Tips – 5 Useful Things You Learn From Video Games Applied to Dating

“But Vichet,” you protest, “nerds don’t get laid!”

Nerds? Why you gotta label everything? Racist.

“What?” you ask.

Yeah, we’re moving on.

So, if you were like me, when you were growing up, you spent all the time that girls were ignoring you by playing video games.

Where she at?

Forever alone…

So, that was most of the time.

Womp womp.

But, contrary to what every parent ever will tell you, while you were playing all those video games and trying to figure out what you could say to a girl to get her to touch your penis, you were ACTUALLY learning a few handy-dandy skills that could help you in dating and life!

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Last night, a post I made on Reddit linking to my Dating Tropes Explained article on shit tests brought in over 5000 views, smashing through the 100,000 view milestone. Thank you again readers.

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So, in short, I don’t want your money. I’ve had opportunities to monetize with ads and such, but so far I’ve kept all that shit out because I don’t need the money.

I just want you to spread the word by liking my shit on Facebook!

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate. I’ll be getting drunk as hell after work.

… or not, because it’s a Monday, and instead I’ll work out and go to dance class.  It’s a tough life, being super cool and attractive.

Happy Birthday, Table Theory!

Hey all!

Yep, you heard right. It’s been exactly one year since Table Theory hit the internet like a storm, and then petered out for a bit, and then caught a massive second wind, and then petered out a bit again, and then leveled out to relatively popular.

We’ve had mostly ups, because I’m awesome and enjoy life.

I figured it’d be nice to share with you the Top 5 Articles of 2012:

Using my handy-dandy lack of statistical training, I feel like 2012’s readers were all guys who wanted to become attractive so that they could get the girl from Tony Stark, be an asshole, and have drinks with Dolph Lundgren.

You’ve got moxie, readers of 2012. Here’s to you!

Quick Dating Tips – 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to “Build Attraction” Over Text, Email, or Chat

I’ve seen some hilariously bad advice centered around “text game” – the idea that you can get a woman interested in you, and build her interest, through texting her.

Now, theoretically, this is possible.

In the same way that, theoretically, if I immortal and were to continuously clap my hands together for eternity, that the winds of earth would eventually reach my resonant frequency of claps and the resulting vibrations would tear the world apart.

What have I done?!

What have I done?!

So, yeah, a lot of things are possible in theory.

Seducing a woman through text is one of those things.

So without further ado, here are 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to “Build Attraction” Over Text, Email, or Chat.

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